Two Can Art is a collaborative collection of art created by artist Patti
Gay and her son Noah who is autistic

Two Can Art is a collaborative collection of art created by artist Patti Gay and her son Noah who is autistic

It has been a while since there has been activity on the blog. It has been a whirlwind for the past year with the Two Can Art Collection. I’ve created a checklist of things I want to do for the collection and am crossing them off as I go. There is a new signature logo for the brand, new photos with Noah, a new website. and we are in the process of trademarking the name.Two Can Art Signature smme and Noah TCAr
Two Can Art Signature smWe have developed some wonderful licensing partners for product. Two Can Art images are now on napkins, porcelain tabletop, greeting cards, wall décor, tumblers, garden flags, needlepoint kits and pillows. There are some exciting projects in the works too.


New Tumblers are now on the Tervis Website

surf boards tumblers pelican tumblers copy manitee tumblers c dolphin tumblers

Needlepoint kits are at:


I did a signing in the C&F Enterprises showroom and they had wonderful magnets with our pillow images on them as give aways. The best part was talking to all of the people and letting them know about the collection and Noah’s part.



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I loved meeting everyone in the showrooms and seeing other artists with incredible talent.

We’ve had some wonderful press from Art World News, Giftware News and Gifts and Decorative Accessories magazines.

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I think the best part of all of this is that the collection is resonating with buyers and their customers and that a good number of our licensing partners are giving back to the autism community by giving a % of sales to autism organizations.

It’s been just a little busy around here lately and all in a very good way. I am so happy. Noah’s beautiful textures continue to inspire me.