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Two Can Art is the collaborative collection between artist Patti Gay and her son Noah, who is autistic. To learn more about Patti’s individual work, visit www.pattigay.com.

How did the idea for Two Can Art come about?

Noah has always had a tactile relationship with paint. He loves the way it feels as he is working with fingers, sponges, brushes, and even bubbles. I have always thought that the textures were beautiful and would make cards from them for family and friends. One day when looking through all the saved paintings, I had an idea for a specific image using his textures–after that, it just took off. We now have hundreds of images in the collection.

How is the art made?

Noah’s textures work as my palette. I take his textured paintings and scan them into the computer. Using Photoshop, I create images from them. There are sometimes 40 or 50 layers of texture pieced together to form the image.

What types of themes are in the collection?

There are a wide variety of themes in the collection, including animals, vegetables, florals, coastal, and holiday.

What types of products are Two Can Art images on?

Two Can Art images are on several products now. The Winter Solstice group appears on napkins, porcelain mugs, and plates. Additionally, there are pillows, cards, paper plates, garden flags, tumblers, and wall décor. We are also talking to other manufacturers about additional types of products.

What do you like best about this collection?

The best part of this (for me as a mom) is that Noah and I have something that we both love to do together. A big bonus is that Two Can Art brings awareness to autism. Some of my licensing partners generously donate a percentage to autism causes, which reaches beyond our family. That’s just great!